“The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong. ” Swami Vivekananda

Time to start posting workouts! There are several workouts I do on my own that I’ve been blogging as my daily exercise (see past blogs). Now it’s time to add some detail 🙂
Since I’m a group exercise instructor many of my workouts of course are during my classes. But, since I’m really there for my participants, I often do a separate workout for myself.

Yesterday’s workout was at a small exercise room while traveling:

Circuit, use whatever is available workout:
This is a workout I like to do when traveling and using a hotel workout room, an apartment workout room, or any gym that is limited in equipment.
1) Use a cardio machine for 20 – 30 minutes. I like either elliptical or bikes on the random setting.
2) Lat pull downs or rows. Use the lat machine with heavy weight 15 reps or do rows with heavy weights 15 reps each arm
3) Bicycle abs on the bench 100 reps
4) Repeat 2 and 3
5) Flat bench chest press with heavy free weights 15 reps
6) Leg extension abs on the bench 25 reps straight out 25 reps side to side
7) Repeat 5 & 6
8) Alternate forward lunges with bicep curls 15 reps each leg
9) Use the abdominal leg lift stand if available otherwise plank for 30 seconds
10) Repeat 8 & 9, but do backward lunges with hammer curls
11) Plia squats (turn toes out at an angle) with 1 heavy weight tricep French press
12) Same heavy weight go to V-sit on bench and alternate weight side to side
13) Repeat 11 & 12
14) Chest flies either use a machine or on the bench
15) Hamstring curls (same thing use a machine or a free weight with lifts, get on hands and knees and tuck weight behind knee)
16) Repeat 14 & 15
17) Crunches, reverse crunches and stretch to finish up
This can be a 40 minute to a 60 minute workout. Reduce the reps and do 3 sets for a 60 minute workout
Note: This is continuous there are no rests because we are alternating abs with weight-bearing exercises

Breakfast: Yogurt with Berries, 2 cups coffee
Lunch: Tailgate at soccer game (I had to eat what was there…pasta and salad)
Supper: Pizza and salad (again I was unable to choose)
The key to eating meals others have prepared is to load your plate (3/4) with the salad, greens, or whatever is healthy, and then the other 1/4 is the pasta and other not-so-healthy stuff
Water!!!! 85 ounces

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