“He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters” Psalm 23

Water jogging
There is something about water that is so peaceful and calming. Just by looking at water whether a stream, ocean waves, or just still water relieves stress. It also is a stress-free place to exercise and provides natural resistance. Exercise in water should be part of your overall routine. Whether you swim laps, water jog, do water aerobics classes, kayak or paddle board, the opportunities are endless.

Today’s workout is water jogging.
If you are comfortable in deep water you need nothing but a swimsuit. If not, purchase a safety belt to provide a little extra buoyancy.

The way to water jog is to simulate your running motion on land in the water.
1. Enter lake or pool with a minimum of 5 feet depending on your height (you don’t want to touch bottom)
2. Stay as close to vertical as possible (makes you work much harder)
3. Arms alternate back and forth by your side with a relaxed fist
4. Legs can either do a scissor kick motion or a high knee motion
5. Head stays out of the water
6. Jog for 5 minutes
7. Do Egg beaters (tread water) for 2 minutes with hands out of water
8. Repeat the above for a 30 minute workout

The picture is of my sister, Denise, and I water jogging over Thanksgiving Vacation. We were a little wimpy with the cold water and wore wetsuits, but the kids didn’t care and swam just like they did in the 80 degree summertime water 🙂

Beverages: Normal 70-90 ounces water, 2 cups coffee in AM, large unsweetened tea in PM
Exercise: Water jogged 40 minutes, kayak 20 minutes, walked dog 1 hour
breakfast :
• Granola with almond milk
• Salad with chicken, spinach-romaine mix, avocado, peppers, onion, carrots, olives, oil and vinegar
Snack: Apple, Sunflower seeds with shell…1/2 pack
Supper: See picture. I have a vitamix, so I blended a “hot” smoothie consisting of 1 can stewed tomatoes, handful of baby carrots, and almond milk, huge green salad, and leftover chicken from a grocery store rotisserie chicken.
vitamix tomato soup

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