“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” Lou Holtz


Time to exercise with Balls!
Circuit workout with exercise balls: This is one of my favorite workouts because you must engage your core and balance the entire time. Great compound exercises!
Use the large exercise ball you find in just about any gym and if available the BOSU ball (Both sides up). It’s the blue ball on one side and flat on the other.
1) Use a cardio machine for 20 – 30 minutes. I like either elliptical or bikes on the random setting.
2) Lat rows: Use the round ball as a bench with heavy weight 15 reps each arm.
3) Boxer crunches: with small of back on round ball – semi circle from one side to the other, add a dumbbell for extra resistance, 25 reps each side.
4) Repeat 2 & 3
Chest on ball
5) Bench chest press: Use round ball with heavy free weights 15 reps. (Ball is directly under your back with your feet on floor, knees at 90 degree angle, and pelvis up)
6) Ball roll outs: With knees on a mat, face round ball with palms on the ball, roll out as far as you can, pause, then roll back. 25 rep.s
7) Repeat 5 & 6
8) Plie plyometric squats: (turn toes out at an angle) with round ball. Hold ball during downward motion in squat, throw the ball against a wall as you jump, catch ball as you land, 25 reps.
9) Wall dips: Place ball on floor against wall, do dips on the ball facing other side of room, 15 reps.
10) Repeat 8 & 9
wall squats
11) Wall squats: Place ball against wall, turn and face the other side of the room pressing small of back against ball, do 15 squats with bicep curls. (heavy dumbbells)
12) Triceps: Sit on the ball and do heavy weight tricep French press for 15 reps.
13) Repeat 11 & 12
14) Push ups: Take the BOSU ball, put knees on a mat and place the ball flat side up, hands on each side. Do 15 push ups.
15) 1 leg squats: Turn the BOSU ball over round side up, stand in the middle with 1 foot and do 1 leg squats, 15 reps. Repeat with other leg. Note: this is a difficult exercise so you may want to hold onto a wall or bar. Also, be careful if you decide to add dumbbells for extra resistance.
16) Repeat 14 & 15
pushups with ball
Note: you can also do push-ups with the round ball by placing under you and walking out as far as you can, so that the ball is underneath your thighs, calves, or ankles. (advanced)

Finish workout with extra abdominal planks on either ball and stretching.
This can be a 40 minute to a 60 minute workout. Reduce the reps and do 3 sets for a 60 minute workout
Note: This is continuous there are no rests because we are alternating abs with weight-bearing exercises.

On the road again…so eating/drinking/exercise suffer. No worries…will be back at it next week 🙂
No exercise today – taught school all day, then jumped in the car to head to VA Tech for soccer.

Beverages: Normal 70-90 ounces water, 2 cups coffee in AM, diet coke while driving to game

• 2 fried eggs
• Huge salad – the normal with several top ten veggies, added deli turkey, oil & vinegar dressing. Beanitos for crunch

Supper: Found a sushi restaurant before the game and ordered 2 of their specialty rolls (20 in all).

Milk shake in the car on the long way back to keep me awake. I nursed it for about 3 hours!

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