“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” Helen Keller

Stretching outside
Outside Interval Workouts
These are the perfect workouts to do when your kids are at a sports practice and it’s your carpool day. I developed variations of these workout when my group exercise classes were taking a break over the summer. Many of the participants still wanted to get together outside and do group workouts.
Mix and match any of the following:
• Run/walk hills
• Run/walk stadium stairs
• Shuffles side to side across fields or gym
• Suicides across fields or gym
• Skips across fields or gym
• High knees across fields or gym
• Butt kicks across fields or gym
• Back Peddle across fields or gym
• Kareoke across fields or gym
Vary the pace/intensity, distance, and duration for the above drills. You may want to start with the width of the field and work towards the length. You can also take a timer and work this into a tabata workout or use the timer to measure progress.
Cardio/Strength Combo
• Broad jump across fields or gym
• Tiger Walk across fields or gym (google this…it’s too hard to describe)
• Duck Walk across fields or gym (in plie position with heels up and buttocks just above knee level literally waddle – You look crazy, but this really works all muscles in lower body)
• Box step ups or jumps on a park bench alternating lead leg (best to step down rather than jump down)
• Alternate forward then backward lunges across fields or gym
Park bench pushups
• Push-ups on park bench
• Dips on park bench
• Planks on park bench
• Pull ups on monkey bars – use the ladder to help out if needed
• Chin ups on monkey bars
• Rings
If you get bored with any of the above drills, you can always bring a jump-rope, hula hoop, or exercise ladder and add several more drills.
I actually did these types of workouts when my kids had sports practices. I even did yoga while watching my daughter at diving practice through a large window. I got some funny looks, but not so much if I could talk a friend into joining me 🙂
Still on the road, so exercise was 30 minutes on a stationary bike, 10 minutes abs and stretch.
Breakfast: Oatmeal with nuts and cranberries, apple
Lunch: Panera Bread Greek Salad and Tomato soup
Supper: Baaaad! We had a reunion party with all appetizer food which is typically not nutritious at all. So what I did was just eat plain cheese and veggies without the dip. The problem is that when drinking wine it goes straight to my head! Fortunately, I was not driving 🙂
Always better to eat a regular meal before these events if possible.

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