“If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred.” Walt Whitman

Muscles in front plank

The Human Body is amazing! Check out all of the muscles you work in the front plank and side plank positions.

Muscles in side plank

2nd Core Workout: Planks!

Continue each exercise for 30 seconds. Try to do 3 at a time for a total of 1.5 minutes and then rest
Front plank on elbows
Front Plank, hold on hand or elbows
Side plank with crunches
Side Plank, crunch forward and down, repeat other side
Front Plank, Down to elbows left right then back to hands left right, repeat right left
Front Plank, 2 steps right both arms and legs, then left
Side Plank, tricep extensions with or without a dumbbell
Mountain climbers
Front Plank, mountain climbers
Front Plank, legs side to side
Side plank hips down & up
Side Plank, hips down & up

Beverages: Normal 70-90 ounces water, 2 cups coffee in AM, large unsweetened tea in PM
Exercise: Trail run 4.5 miles, Yoga 20 minutes
Huge bowl of Yogurt with berries and granola
No Mayo, Tuna Salad (recipe on Pinterest), Sweet Potato chips (1/4 bag), Grapes
Snack: Trail mix (couple of handfuls)
Supper: Quinoa Chili – 1 cup quinoa cooked with spices /worchestershire/vegetable broth, tomatoes, tomato sauce, onions, 2 cans of beans, vegetable broth thrown in crock pot, added cheese. I ate this with a huge green salad 2 helpings of each

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