“Safety isn’t a hobby, it’s a living.” from OSHA

running shoes

Since yesterday’s blog was on CrossFit and its safety issues, I might as well do a series of blogs on safety and injury prevention.

Today will be general safety/injury prevention tips followed by more specific tips regarding different workouts.
1) Get regular physicals!
2) Don’t exercise by yourself – of course this depends on where you are and what you are doing. If running take a dog or a buddy. If you are in a populated area and on a sidewalk or trail, no problem, you can run by yourself with headphones. But, if in a remote area remember what NOT to do…a) run alone b) same course c) same time d) with headphones. I just read a release from the police force and they REALLY emphasize not running with music/headphones. Also, it is ILLEGAL to use them while riding a bike. Why? Think about it…you can’t hear…someone or something coming, a car, a BEAR, yes we do see them in WNC. The whistle or mace do you no good if you don’t know what is coming! Plus, think about the beauty of nature, it’s not just seeing, but also hearing. Take a whistle, mace, phone or let someone know where you are. When weight lifting, use a spotter. Don’t swim alone – I break this rule 😦
3) Wear proper shoes. For injury prevention, this is one of the most important tips! Regularly replace your shoes before you get shin splints, plantar’s fasciitis, knee pain, etc.
4) Cross-train – DON’T do tabata, insanity, or any really high impact workout 4 or 5 days a week. You WILL get some type of nagging issue or stress fracture. DON’T do strength workouts that use the same muscle groups on consecutive days. DO alternate strength and cardio days. DO give yourself completely low or no-impact (swimmming) days. REST!
5) Hydrate before exercising! Also during exercise if you are doing an endurance workout (average rule of thumb, 1 water bottle per hour)
6) Warm up properly before intense exercise. Static stretch after exercise.
7) When training for races/events use proper progression. (Don’t try to run your first marathon without a good 5 to 6 months of training :))
8) Avoid these high risk training moves:
a) Ballistic stretching
b) Hurdler’s stretch
c) Full straight-leg sit-ups
d) Double straight-leg raises
e) Forced high kicks
f) Unsupported forward flexion of the lumbar spine
g) Unsupported forward flexion and rotation of the lumbar spine
h) Unsupported lateral flexion of the lumbar spine
i) Hyperextension of the cervical spine
j) Percussive (ballistic) lumbar hyperextension
k) Deep knee bends
l) Plough (yoga)
m) Full cobra (yoga)
n) Full V-sits
o) Dead-lifts (unsupported)
I like this image of a plie because the model has a wide stance, knees are in alignment with toes, she doesn’t extend knees beyond the toes, and she avoids a deep knee bend (past 90 degrees or below the hips)

Beverages: Normal 70-90 ounces water, 2 cups coffee in AM, large unsweetened tea in PM
Exercise: Walked dog 1 hour with friends 🙂
Breakfast :
Vanilla yogurt, gluten free granola with flax, fruit – melons
My typical salad with about 6 top ten veggies, plus mushrooms, tomatoes, chicken, cheese, oil & vinegar
salad with tomato
Snacks: Gluten free tortilla strips with guacamole, apple
Supper: Cooked Cornish hens in crock pot (recipe on pinterest), sweet potato, green beans with basil, mushrooms, almonds. Another large salad of mixed greens
cornish hen

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