“Shockwave: The Most Efficient Total Body Workout in the World”

Shockwave Training Day!

Our local YMCA just became licensed to teach ShockWave classes, and I am so pumped to receive my ShockWave Coach Certification.

ShockWave is basically a super-circuit workout that involves extreme cross-training. It is centered around rowing machines which in and of themselves work 9 major muscle groups in your body. There are also stations for Arms, Core, and Leg drills. ShockWave introduces healthy competition as you are part of a team and the circuit is based on distance rather than time. It is a blast! The 30 minute workout goes by so fast you never lose interest.

“People are catching on that they can get so much more out of their workout in the same amount of time.” Men’s Fitness
“[Rowing] is the densest form of cardio you can do.” Huffington Post
“The end results were that I had a great workout, literally everything was sore, I was shaking by the time I went back to work, and Shockwave has become one of my favorite classes” Vanity Fair

If you haven’t heard of ShockWave, see their website for more information and to watch their “Sizzle Reel”

Today was a great workout and eating day for me. I did one 45 minute ShockWave session, then 2, 30 minute ShockWave sessions throughout the day. Followed by a Schwinn cycling certification class! Wow! I’m very tired, but very satisfied. Drank tons of water and ate small meals throughout the day…Egg white omelet before training, Gluten free energy bar, 2 apples, 1 banana, 2 handfuls of almonds, 2 wraps – 1 veggie and 1 turkey. After training treated myself (and fellow trainees) to an IPA and pizza at Thirsty Monk Brewery!

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