“I wouldn’t eat a hamburger for 40,000 dollars.” River Phoenix

I bet you would eat it if it were as healthy as this one!

Veggie Burgers with Portobello Mushroom “Buns” This is not only healthy, it is delicious!
Total protein:
Burger 15g
Vegetables 1g
Portobello 10g
To compare…
1 chicken breast of .5 lbs is about 30 grams of protein, and 13 fat
A Veggie burger is only 4 or 5g fat, so you could actually have 2 of these and get more protein in the same amount of fat as ½ lb. chicken.

Delicious vegetarian recipe:
This can be completed in less than 1 hour with the only time-consuming part cutting up the sweet potatoes for fries.
Cut washed sweet potato with skin into thin slices, put in the oven with cooking spray in the pan and olive oil and any salt you want sprinkled over top for about 30 to 45 minutes. In meantime, sauté the Portobello mushroom halves and the frozen veggie burgers (of your choice over the stove). When the sweet potato “fries” appear to be soft, place the burgers in between the Portobello mushroom halves and add tomato, lettuce, onion, ketchup, avocado, or whatever else you want in between.
open top burger
Cover with the other mushroom half. Add a green salad, and you have an unbelievable healthy protein-low-fat meal!
I like to pick up “the sandwich” and eat it like a hamburger. But, it is pretty messy, so you can always eat it with a knife and fork if you want to conserve your napkins!
half eaten

Portobello mushroom Pizzas are also a favorite with the girls.

Beverages: Normal 70-90 ounces water, 2 cups coffee in AM, large unsweetened tea in PM
Exercise: Don’t forget that you need low/no impact days. I did a circuit weight workout 30 minutes, then swam laps for 30 minutes. For performance, you would never lift before swimming, but I wanted my body temperature up before entering a cold pool 
Vanilla yogurt, gluten-free granola with flax, fruit – melons
Greek salad: romaine, red peppers, artichokes, onions, feta, olives (added some broccoli to make it a little more healthy)
Snacks: Trail mix, popcorn in the PM (huge bowl full)
Supper: Veggie burgers and sweet potato fries with a salad.

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