December Inspirations

little drummer boy

Just a reminder that “wellness” isn’t all about nutrition and exercise 🙂 Wellness includes spiritual and emotional well-being also. So, let’s discuss what “feeds our soul” during the holiday. Anything inspirational that comes to mind. Personally, I love music! It moves me like nothing else can. Please enjoy the Pentatonix version of the Little Drummer Boy. My family is a huge fan of this a capella group:

Food today:

grilled squash


Black bean hummus

Ate out all day due to meetings and a reception at a country club.
Overall ate pretty well, but I didn’t drink quite enough water and had too much wine! I wasn’t counting, but consumed at least 3 glasses 😦
• 2 large mugs Starbucks coffee made at home – black
• Chick-fil-a breakfast burrito – I ordered 2 and ate just the inside with a fork. I actually didn’t need two. They are pretty big and filling!
• Ruby Tuesday’s salad (always better to make your own)
• Salad contents:
• Mixed Greens of all kinds, broccoli, carrots, tomato, peas, edamame, mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and lite ranch dressing (2 plates)
• I followed my own advice 🙂 and ate the food I blogged a few days ago. Skipped the stuffed, fried food and breads and ate couscous, black bean hummus, grilled chicken and squash, hard cheeses and fruit. Yummy!

• Rode stationary bike 30 minutes followed by one of my strength workouts (see Diana’s workouts menu)

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