“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

BFB Foundation
This is my daughter Megan offering nothing more than love to these sweet children.

BFB Foundation2

The Christmas season is all about giving. Please think how you might want to give this year and consider my husband’s foundation in Guatemala:
73% of Guatemala lives below the poverty line. For $0.30 per day, you can provide one child with school supplies, for $0.50 per day you can provide a child with a healthy lunch, and for $0.87 per day you can provide a child with an education and the tools to build a better future. It takes so little to do so much.

See: http://bfbfoundation.org/

Exercise: 6 miles trail running with Cocoa, my Chocolate Labrador Retriever


stir fry without meat

I believe it is good for your body to do complete vegetarian days when you can. Today I had yogurt with berries and granola for breakfast, Tofu and black bean quesadila at Moes for lunch, and this stir-fry with veggie protein for supper. Lots of water, 2 glasses red wine.

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