“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

The Privilege of Giving

The most beautiful Christmas Tree in Asheville! There can be no better feeling of wellness than the joy that comes through giving whether the gift is to a friend or family member, or someone you will never meet.

Giving means…
Holding the door open for someone who has trouble walking.
Smiling and saying “hello” to someone who no one has spoken to that day.
Handing food or cash out the window to the beggar at the off ramp.
Truly listening to a friend who has told you the same troubles over and over for the last six months.
Pretending to have never heard that story told again and again by an elderly relative.
Providing a meal for a family in need.
Hugging someone who is hurting.
Telling someone you’ve been thinking about them.
Giving a gift knowing you will never get anything in return.

santa spinning
More Holiday Parties!
We had our neighborhood get together, so I tried to follow my own advice 🙂
Ate balanced meals all day with protein and drank oodles of water. At the party I drank 2 glasses of red wine and helped myself to a small plate of hummus, olives, raw vegetables, and homemade chips. When I got home I had a bowl of mexican stew. Feel pretty good the next day.

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