“Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun


you can't run

I hope you had a great day and that your nutrition and exercise made you feel energetic and healthy! In your New Year’s wellness plan, don’t forget that you need plenty of sleep as well. Try to strive for a consistent schedule involving eating, exercising, and sleeping. If you have trouble fitting exercise into your day, please see my Exercise Tips through the top menu. Good luck with Day Two!

Day two:
One hour power walk, jog, swim, or water jog, stretch

Beverages: 1 cup black coffee (whenever you need it). Water with lemon/lime rest of day – at least 60 ounces, optional decaf green tea (no artificial sweeteners if possible)

Breakfast: 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites scrambled, 1 slice gluten-free or regular bread with 1 T cream cheese or butter (optional)
Snack1: Smoothie: ½ cup yogurt, ½ cup mangoes, handful of kale, ½ banana, ½ cup almond milk
Lunch: 1 can tuna, drained, add 1 T mayonnaise, 1 tsp mustard, chopped carrots, celery, peppers, pickles (if you like them). 10 sweet potato chips, handful of red grapes
Snack2: whenever you want it. Healthy popcorn (1 cup cooked)_ or another gluten-free crunchy, Either make your own (on stove, not microwaved) or buy from a health food store
Supper: Cilantro grilled chicken, cilantro wasn’t on your grocery list, so use it if you have it, otherwise throw in another herb
spaghetti squash
Mac n Cheese spaghetti squash, this recipe says it makes one serving, but it really looks like 2 or more servings. Either ½ the recipe or make it into 2 servings by eating just half of it.
Steamed broccoli (use your fresh or frozen) and add orange slices for garnish (eat them!)

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