Countdown to Game Day!

peyton manning

russell wilson

“One day I want to be like [Peyton Manning] in terms of the way he thinks. He’s just a master of the game. I’m working to get there; I’m on a constant quest for knowledge. I have memories of being in 10th grade and going to his passing academy and learning from him. That was one of the better experiences of my life.” Russell Wilson

Great Sportsmanship! I hope it carries into the game!

Now, you are probably getting ready to go to the grocery store to buy your game day finger food. Wait! Re-think that couch-potato attitude and unhealthy food. Super bowl food can be healthy and taste just as good.

See the links below for some of the healthy appetizer recipes I have pinned on pinterest:
tomato bites
cold smoked salmon
Chicken and honey mustard
Roasted red pepper hummus
eggplant appetiser

You can also do kale chips instead of crackers and regular chips. Shrimp is always good too!

Stay away from BACON-WRAPPED anything, STUFFED anything, and WINGS!

Have fun!

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