Just what do I use this for?

unusual exercise equipment
weird exercise

So, I googled “unusual exercise equipment” and what I found was hilarious! Some of the images looked like torture machines!

What is the lowdown on what gadgets we need and what is a waste of money? Any machine that claims spot reducing is probably a waste of money. Spot reducing is a myth! What that means is that if you buy an abdominal machine, in and of itself it WILL NOT reduce your waistline. The myth is pretty simple, you cannot reduce your waistline until you reduce your calories (need a deficit). Now, does that mean I don’t think you should do abdominal exercises? No, abdominal and core exercises should be a key part of all of your workouts. Core exercises are essential for muscle definition, reduction of lower back pain, balance, increased athletic performance, you name it!

Therefore, I am embarking on the task of finding the exercise equipment that is actually worth the time, effort and cost…more to come

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