What does BOSU mean?

Bosu ball

Our next piece of equipment to try out is the BOSU ball. It stands for “Both Sides Up” or “Both Sides Utilized.”
These are great and are only 100 to 150 bucks, so well worth the money. The balls can be used just like a bench or step, yet they challenge your stability because of the soft unstable surface. These balls can also increase your core strength by allowing your body to utilize a greater range of motion when you perform traditional core exercises. For core exercises, the BOSU is similar to the big exercise ball and is more challenging than exercising on a stable surface like a machine or the floor.

For this post, I am using the BOSU primarily to enhance a cardio workout. You can do any of the exercises in the video or make up your own. I used tabata timing system with 20 seconds hard, 10 seconds off between each exercise. But, you could also do these exercises continuously for 20 to 30 minutes at a lower intensity. Use your imagination 🙂

Click the link below for my tabata BOSU video:


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