Disk and disc are the two alternative spellings of the descriptive word for things of a generally thin and circular geometry. These variations are due to the way in which the words originated.

musician disk
What do you think of when you here the word “disk?”
A musician would think of records as in the photo above
If you are a nerd, you probably think of computers:
nerd disk
A health care professional, maybe…
doctor disk

Since, I’m an exercise freak, I think of the gliding discs! The first image shows soft discs which are used on a solid floor and the second disc image shows plastic discs which you could use on carpet.
gliding discs
hard surface discs
carpet discs

So, how do we use these discs to exercise? And, do they give us a good workout? Answer for yourself, by trying my video below. I filmed this at home on purpose. You do not need anything but the discs (or paper or plastic plates depending on your surface). I did add small dumbbells to increase the strength workout. In a nutshell, the workout is both cardio and strength. It is 30 minutes long when you add the stretching at the end. The volume on the music is low, so that you can hear my cues. After you learn the workout you might want to download the playlist and do it without the video (so you can crank your music 🙂 P.S. My cat P.J. is a camera hog!

You will need to click the link below which loads a new page, then click on Video 13

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