“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Bob Marley

music note

Do you workout to music? I bet the answer to this question for many people is “Yes, I couldn’t get through a workout without music!” My brother-in-law, Craig who used to be a professional cyclist says that what makes a spin class is the music! Rather than the routine, the instructor, or the equipment!

Here is an interesting article about why music makes exercise easier:

both discs

For the Gliding Disc workout (in my last post), I use an app called Tempo Magic Pro which allows me to pitch my entire playlist to the same beats per minute. There are several other programs/apps that will do the same thing, but I’ve had pretty good luck with this one and continue to use it

Tempo Magic Pro

Playlist for choreographed disc workout. Pitch lock at 140 Beats per Minute
She Wolf, David Guetta
Science of Fear, The Temper Trap
Shake It, Metro Station
Applause, Lady Gaga
The Spark, Afrojack
Lose Yourself to Dance, Daft Punk
Leave Me Alone, Pink
Big Ideas, LCD Soundsystem

The last 2 aren’t included in the video, but I use during additional abdominal work and stretching.
Note: Please do not use headphones and music when running trails or cycling outside. Not only is this dangerous because you cannot hear your surroundings, but I believe it may be illegal (cycling)
Have Fun!

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