Where there is no struggle, there is no strength!

bender ball

Today, we get to use the Bender Ball!  So, where did all of these “toys” come from?  This ball was created by Leslie Bender who probably has made millions.  It is basically a “bendy” toy ball that you could probably find at any toy store!  I need to create a new toy for exercise so I can be rich and famous too!

Click on the images to enlarge:

Bender Core Bender strength

There are so many exercises you can do with this little guy.  Cindy and I have demonstrated just a few.  Add to any type of squat, when lunging, squeeze the ball and raise your arms up and down, pull in and out, twist side to side, etc.   When working your core, it can go between your hands, between your legs, behind your back or all three.  Sometimes I will do the wall squat with one behind my back, one between my knees, and work my upper body with dumbbells.  Talk about multi-tasking 🙂

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