Will working out at night really wreck your sleep?

Hi Readers!,
So sorry I have not posted the rest of my unusual equipment workouts. I have recorded and re-recorded my kettle bell workout three times and still do not have the quality I prefer. It will be coming soon! I promise!

In the meantime, I came across a great article. I typically avoid working out at night because I do suffer from insomnia at times. If I do a vigorous workout such as running or weight lifting, I am definitely wide awake for a good amount of time afterwards. However, if I do yoga, Pilates, or a moderate walk before bedtime, it definitely helps me sleep. I think the key is doing what works for you. If you cannot fit a workout in earlier in the day, then yes, make sure you do that workout at night. It is better than skipping it all together!

See the link below from Prevention:

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