“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.” Thomas Carlyle


These workout tools are awesome! Using them may not cause us to look like this…


But, hopefully they will give us additional tone and definition, so we look more like this…

girl with kettlebell

I finally recorded my first kettlebell workout. The sound quality still isn’t quite what I want, so you can mute me, and use the playlist instead. (pitched at 140 beats/minute)
The workout is 30 minutes long including a warm-up and 5 minute stretch at the end. I recommend that you try a very light kettlebell for the first time. You can always progress once you find out your level of soreness after the workout. Have fun!

If the video will not load, click the link below:
Walk of Life
What a Girl Wants
All Things Just Keep Getting Better
Take A Chance
Shoop Shoop Song
Mi Rumba
Le Freak

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