Leader of the Band(s)

Leader of the band

Dan Fogelberg is who I think of when I hear the phrase “Leader of the Band.” Love that song!

But, I’m getting off track…what I want to do is lead a “band” workout, meaning resistance bands. The bands come in many varieties, some with handles and some without. Some varieties are called “tubes”, but you essentially do the same exercises with them.
resistance bands


Some bands come in circles or contain 2 circles for inserting your legs or arms. These are great for inner/outer thigh work:
varied bands

Inner thigh work
On the next several slides I’m demonstrating several upper and lower body exercises using opposing muscle groups. You can combine these exercises into a full body workout. Click on the slides to enlarge:
lats and shoulders
pecs and back
pull backs and lower body
triceps biceps

Make sure to wrap the band around wrist or hands to create the resistance you need for each exercise.
Anytime you want to add resistance to your normal exercise routine, grab a band and use your imagination! Have fun!

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