To achieve something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before.

gym toys
Yes, I am still posting workouts with gym “toys”. Most of these “toys” are inexpensive and easy to keep at home. Just make sure you do not let them sit there and collect dust!

My last post was on using exercise bands. Many people look at these as if they are for old people or just for physical therapy, when in fact they should be a part of workouts for all ages and physiques. Some clients say these resistance bands work muscles they never knew they had!

If you have a single band, you can always tie the ends into a square knot to do exercises that require a circular band. For instance: Tie the band, wrap around ankles, press legs out to side, 4 counts down, 4 counts up
Picture 38

Picture 40

Picture 41

Picture 42

Additional exercises to try:

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