Holy Week

jesus on palm sunday
waving palms
I have great memories of waving palms on Palm Sunday leading up to Holy Week. There was always a feeling of excitement in the air at church. Easter is coming…chocolate, candy, Easter bunny, next best thing to Christmas? Not really. Now I look at the images and see humility. Rather than commanding attention and excitement, Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey carrying no weapons as the Roman emperors do. Jesus seems so passive and humble. But is he really passive. Definitely not! When he finds corruption in the temple, he quickly acts and overturns the money-changing operation.
jesus overturning tables
Using God’s Holy place for financial corruption is unacceptable.

What I want to focus on during Holy Week is the Loving, Compassionate, Humble Savior, but also, the Savior that does not tolerate abuse. What a wonderful example He set at the temple that day. There is always a time and place for action and using God’s Holy place for corrupt behavior definitely qualifies as time to take action.

Wellness doesn’t always mean going with the flow. Sometimes you need to step out of your box and turn a wrong into a right. Prayerfully consider what God wants you to do in these uncomfortable situations. He will lead you through tough times and situations.

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