What Makes a Healthy Home?

healthy home

I just read an article on Houzz titled “16 Ideas for a Healthy, Feel-Good Home.” You may need to sign in to be able to access the article below:

Since this is a “Wellness” Blog, why not include some ideas about what makes a home healthy. The article has some pretty good suggestions including an indoor herb garden and edible gardens outside. I sure wish I had a green thumb! Especially as much as I love to cook. I think I’ll set a goal to try growing herbs and a few easy vegetables to make my cooking not only healthier but tastier as well.
garden vegetables

My favorite ideas are the family meal and keeping TV out of your bedrooms. I recently read a statistic claiming that the number one thing you can do as parents to keep your kids off of drugs is to eat dinner together! So, try to carve time out of your busy schedules for the family meal.
family dinner

Two additional suggestions I would add to the list are:
1. Use non-toxic cleaning products and
2. Visibly display your belief system

live laugh love

Seeing your spiritual beliefs on the wall or a table every time you walk into a room can be very calming and reassuring. Maybe a bible on a coffee table, cross on the wall, menorah on a table, or even a framed sign with an uplifting message. Real Estate agents advise taking religious items down when selling, but until then it sure is comforting and uplifting to have your spiritual reminders.

Finally, I love the idea of taking a small room or nook and creating a peaceful spot for reading, meditating, or just relaxing without distractions.
paradise home

What do you do to keep your home healthy?

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