Food For Thought…


I came across a few interesting articles this week I would like to share. The first is titled “5 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet.” I jumped right on this one because I definitely need some spring cleaning! I tend to get in cooking ruts especially when just cooking for one. Fortunately Maddie’s back home forcing me to get back in the groove with healthy eating and cooking.
Maddie’s supper last night:
maddies supper

We all know the phrases “Eat Organic,” “Eat Local,” “Everything in Moderation,” and I will include “Add Variety.” Try something new and healthy this spring by clicking on the link below:[5]
Another article which intrigues me is how combining certain foods and drugs can affect your body. I have no idea of the accuracy of what is written, but at least it makes you think:[1]
take care
Finally, the link below loads an article with a long list of health-related events in WNC. In addition to these our WNC YMCAs are starting diabetes prevention programs! Yay! More to come on this later…

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