“Music is everybody’s possession. It’s only publishers who think that people own it.” John Lennon

I absolutely love this quote from John Lennon. Why cannot we just enjoy music without being either guilty because we haven’t paid for it OR crazy because we have? True artists it seem like should not worry about every iTunes charge for a download. Isn’t it all about sharing passion? I realize these artists need to make money, but what is the best way?

Anyway…food for thought

I have several new playlists…
My first is my cycling workout Summer 2014
cycling class
Maps Maroon 5 – Warm up
Take Me Home- Cash Cash. Build, add resistance with fast pace
Bad Blood – Bastille. Medium resistance, sprint on chorus
Am I Wrong – Nico Vinz – 1st climb add resistance and speed up at appropriate intervals
I’ll lose myself: Alesso – rolling hills
Remind – Rascal Flats – Heavy Climb. Go max seated resistance. Surge on chorus
Vida – World Cup Theme Song = Tempo fast enjoy
Wavin Flag – Knaan – Slow Climb Stand Hover sit
Burn – Elie Goulding Medium resistance Fast Faster Fastest
A Sky Full of Stars Coldplay & Raging Fire Philip Phillips- Pyramid…Try to maintain race pace as add to a peak and then let off
Ain’t it Fun – Paramore: Jumps
One Way Road – John Butler Trio: medium resistance sprints on one way road
Young Blood – The Naked and Famous: One leg spints on medium resistance varying pace
All of Me: Cool down


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