New Workouts!!!

circuit training
When we picture Circuit Training workouts, we often picture a gym with multiple stations and an instructor leading the workout. Group Circuit Training classes are a great way to workout, but what if you have little time to invest? And need to workout at home or with limited equipment? You can still get a great circuit workout in as little as 20 to 30 minutes. I have created a circuit training video below that you are welcome to try.

There are multiple benefits to circuit workouts and the article below in Shape outlines several of them:
1. Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time – my video is 30 minutes long yet increases your strength and burns many calories with very little time invested
2. Challenge Your Whole Body – there are several compound exercises which work multiple muscle groups using the same exercise
3. Mix Cardio and Strength Training – I have alternated strength and cardio stations to benefit both areas
4. Send Your Metabolism Soaring – Best Bang for the Buck
5. Never Waste Another Minute – I love working out in groups, but sometimes you need to do your own workout to avoid wasted time
6. Try All the Latest Fitness Tools – next workout video…kettle bells
7. Beat Gym Boredom – Try something new! More videos to come! I’m excited!!! šŸ™‚

Click the link below for Diana’s latest Circuit Training Workout:
squat D

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