“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

playground  on beach

I spent a lovely long weekend in California visiting my daughter, Kristin and watching my daughter, Maddie play soccer. One morning I set off to the closest YMCA to fit in a strength workout. Disappointingly the YMCA opening was delayed for over an hour because the air conditioning was on the blink. Being so accustomed to working out to start my day, I knew the rest of the day would not go as well if I didn’t get in some type of exercise.

So, what do you do when “life gets in the way” and your intended schedule of events gets disrupted? With exercise, we can always make excuses…the gym was closed, my class got cancelled, I overslept, it’s too hot or too cold, the kids needs are too demanding, etc.

We must seriously attempt to not make excuses and be flexible. We will have those days when we just do not feel up to it, or our intended means of exercise do not pan out. Solution: make alternate plans! Have a back-up exercise plan in place. For instance, “if little Johnny is sick and I can’t take him to child care, I will work out when hubby gets home from work” OR “I will do a workout at home with little to no equipment.” “If weather permits, I will put him in the baby jogger and run outside.”

playground chin ups

Peruse through “Diana’s workout” menu for many suggestions for workouts you can do whenever, wherever.
California has so many great outdoor parks that include playground type workout equipment. Picture Venice (muscle) Beach! Fortunately, directly across from the YMCA there was a park. I ended up running the sandy track 4 miles and then working through an outdoor strength circuit using the playground equipment.

playground monkey bars

playground pushups

See Diana’s Workouts, Circuit Workouts for ideas. Plus, I’ve added a new video for a dumbbell circuit workout. For a preview click the link below.

playground workout
Have a super day!

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