“Big quads without big hamstrings is like steak without potatoes”

Deadlift heavy

deadlifts chest out

Deadlifts are one of the most beneficial strength exercises because they work almost everything: legs, butt, abs, back and shoulders. Even forearm strength! Many people, especially beginners, shy away from these being concerned about injury. In my opinion deadlifts need to be part of everyone’s strength routine. Think about how many times you bend over in order to pick something up. The heavier the object, the more important it is to train your body how to properly lift heavy objects in order to prevent injury! Deadlifts are the best way to do this.
Click on the link below for a great article about deadlifts:

Muscles worked…
Deadlifts work

Tips for Proper Form:
1. Maintain a Neutral Spine: Don’t arch your back (or roll it in the other direction). Keep your abs tight the ENTIRE TIME, and keep your back straight.
2. Hip Hinge: “Hinge” at your hip flexors so your rear extends backward.
3. Keep your head up and chest out as you lift, and squeeze your shoulder blades together – this will help you keep your back aligned properly.
4. Keep the bar as close to you as possible – almost roll it up your shins until you get to your knees, and then almost roll it up your thighs until you’re upright.
5. As you bring it past your knees, don’t think about pulling up with your back, thrust in with your hips.
6. Your knees are bent to start and as you bring the weight up, you want your legs to straighten out simultaneously (without overextending your knees) as your hips come in completely – form a straight line at the same time with your hips, knees and feet.

Deadlifts with dumbbells

You can also start from standing and lower to your knees or ankles using the proper form described above. This exercise is typically used in group exercise classes with dumbbells or a body bar.

Happy lifting and have a great day!

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