Pink October?


The above image is Maddie’s jersey that Wake Forest auctions off to raise money for breast cancer research. Every October, Wake selects a home game where the girls wear pink jerseys. The highest bidder will take the jersey home after the game.

pink athletes

pink pumpkin

Pink tough enough
cancer  foods


Of all my 100 plus posts, this is the one I’m most passionate about. We can work out like crazy, try to reduce stress in our lives, eat well, do everything in moderation, AND still get cancer? Cancer is so unfair!!!

I do have a personal interest in this fight. My Mother got completely taken by surprise with stage 4 ovarian cancer at a young age. No rhyme or reason…all of her aunts lived to be in their late 90s and 100s so we were shocked! But cancer doesn’t discriminate…it attacks young, old, healthy, unhealthy, exercisers and sedentary folk alike.

I cannot begin to know the intense suffering that a cancer victim must endure. Even from the bedside of a dying woman crying, praying, offering comfort does not give me the insight into really knowing/understanding what it is like to have cancer.

Please read the following articles and posts to appreciate different perspectives on October and Breast-Cancer-Awareness. They make you think and try to be more discerning in the organizations when making donations:

You may have heard the phrase “Everything causes cancer” which may be somewhat true in excess. However, by paying attention to what we put into our body and what we are exposed to, we can reduce our risk.

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