“The Secret of your Future is hidden in your Daily Routine” Mike Murdock

santa & snowman

The Holidays are here! Such a great time of year for families, friends, and co-workers to get together and celebrate! Good food, Good fellowship, Good Times!

santa reindeer

Of course, we all know the downside of this time of year…we get busy, we get slack with exercise, and we eat out too much. We go to these holiday events and indulge on the fabulous (but fatty) food and high-calorie drinks. And then we pay for it! Those dreaded extra 5 pounds we find ourselves having to get rid of in January.

So, what can we do to avoid those dreaded “LB’s”?
santa gingerbread

Everyone has different theories about dieting, but what if you are just trying to maintain? This month I will be recycling some of last years tips and expanding upon them. For starters, plan, plan plan!
Keep a journal. At the beginning of each week plan your exercise for the week. Prior to an event, decide on what you will be eating and drinking or eat beforehand. And finally, journal everything you eat and drink each day! This in itself will help curb your over-indulging!

For some interesting tips on people who keep weight off, click the link below:

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