Exit Strategies!


exit boss

exit drunk

So…what does the topic “Exit Strategies” have to do with a Wellness Blog? Well, on the surface, the topic may seem a little stretched. But, if you think about it we are often at a turning point in daily decisions. Should I have that extra helping? Should I accept that refill on my drink? Should I stay for that extra set, game, movie, whatever? Many times the answer is yes! All is well, and we have not over-indulged. But what about those times when we have had an awful day…meaning everything went wrong at work, or we are feeling a cold coming on, or we are just exhausted from the work week? We know that we are not at our best, and we do not want to leave a less than admirable impression at the event.

This is the time to plan an exit strategy. Make it a signal to your date. Or if on your own a pre-saved dial in to a taxi.
girl running away

You must take care of yourself and during the holiday season this can be tough. I actually have a paranoia and always have to sit near an exit. So, my exit strategies come natural for me. But if they don’t…plan them. You can always leave if you feel uncomfortable. Please click the link below if you are an introvert and hate having to navigate dealing with crowds:


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