“I’m so bloated and gassy, I’m like a flotation device.” Miranda Hobbs

gassy belly

gassy burp

Gross topic. Sorry 😦
However, we all feel like this sometimes. And aside from period bloating and PMS, bloating is usually due to our lifestyle. So, during the holiday season when our routine gets off and we tend to eat out frequently, bloating can be a problem. Read the useful tips below to do your best to avoid that puffiness:

1. Drink too much alcohol especially grain fed (like beer)
2. Eat gassy foods (beans, cabbage type foods, dairy, wheat, etc. see pics below)
3. Eat fatty, greasy, spicy foods
4. Drink soft drinks especially with artificial sweeteners

1. Exercise
2. Drinks tons of filtered water
3. Stick with your normal routine as much as possible (bedtimes and wake times)
4. Fill your plate, sit down, and eat slowly rather than graze standing up
5. Practice relaxing to reduce your stress & anxiety at this time of year

gassy foods

gassy foods2

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