Stay Safe!

presents under tree


Stay Safe while shopping during this Holiday Season!
Most of us probably know many of these tips for staying safe while shopping, but it never hurts to have reminders. There is always safety in numbers, so whenever possible grab some friends and carpool to the shopping center in order to enter and exit as a group. If you are by yourself, follow these tips to maintain your safety:

1. Lock your packages, purse, or anything visible in the trunk of your car to avoid break-ins
2. Park in well-lit areas
3. Have security officers or store employees walk you to your car at night
4. Have your keys ready, so that you are not fumbling around in your purse to find them. In addition, hold your keys with the sharp part out if you need to use it as a weapon.
5. Be aware! Don’t get distracted while walking to your car. Scope out the surroundings. Don’t talk on your phone. Get to the car as quickly as possible
6. Look in all windows before entering your car


If you do get confronted:
1. If ask for your purse or wallet, throw it as far as you can onto the ground and run in the opposite direction
2. If someone is in the back seat of your car, floor it and crash. You will be saved by the airbag.
3. If you get locked in the trunk, kick out the taillights, put your arm through and wave
4. Scream and run if you can (zig-zag)
5. Use your elbow: Your elbow is a sharp joint that can really hurt your confronter


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