Happy New Year!

happy new yearhappy new yearI love New Year’s Resolutions! Really? Yes, really! Whether you keep them or not, just the thoughtful process of making them lifts your spirits and shows your desire to better yourself. Most experts agree that it is best to:
Make goals that are reachable, not too lofty.
Make fewer goals rather than a long list of improvements that you struggle to even remember.
Make goals that involve others, not just yourself.

Better nutrition and more exercise are two of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make. These are great ambitions, and I would love to help you with coming up with a nutrition/exercise plan that you can stick with.

To begin, my girls and I are doing a 3-day detox recommended through Mind-Body-Green. Please see the link below:
chia seeds

ginger root

I have tried to make the grocery shopping a little easier by attaching a word document with all of the ingredients in each of the recipes. You will find duplicates because I basically copied/pasted ingredients into each category.
Grocery List
Grocery List

Good luck and have fun with this! It is not too painful, I promise. We are on day 3!

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