“Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.” Zoe Saldana


I just read an article in Glamour magazine about a survey the magazine conducted in the 80s. The magazine conducted the same survey in 2014 to see whether or not women’s opinions about themselves had changed. With much of the media encouraging us to stop obsessing over our weight and appearance, one would think that women have a better body image than we did in the 80s. The survey shows just the opposite.

For instance, the article states that in 1984 47% of women were unhappy with their bodies. And now, 54% are unhappy with their bodies. In addition, today 54% of women chose losing weight as their top priority, where as in 1984 only 42% chose it. Today women are least happy with their abdomen, whereas in 1984 it was their thighs.

The article goes on to explain that these increases are probably due to social media. Many women compare themselves to the images posted by friends, not just celebrities. Remember that the pictures we post on Facebook and Instagram are just the good pictures! For the most part, we don’t post the ones where we have no make-up or those that are taken at an unflattering angle.

The article did mention a couple of positive results including that we now realize that men don’t care about our weight, and that more women than in the 80s do feel “just right.”

Thank goodness for celebrities like Meghan Trainor, the songwriter who wrote “All about that Bass.” She has gotten much positive feedback for writing about women being comfortable with their size. Hopefully she has set an example and others will follow in her footsteps.

Remember to try to concentrate more on your overall health and well-being when making exercise and nutrition goals this year. And focus less on your weight and natural body size. It’s hard, but try not to compare yourself especially to celebrities. With cosmetic surgery and photo-shopping, many of them don’t naturally look like the images we see.


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