“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Abraham Lincoln

Day 1 of Re-posting. I’m planning to add some new recipes to swap out some of last years that I wasn’t crazy about. Stick with your resolutions!

Fill yourself with Goodness, and you'll fill your World with Greatness



Please see yesterday’s post containing the Week One Overview and Grocery List. Remember that this exercise/nutrition plan doesn’t have to be a diet. Since there is a calorie deficit each day of approximately 500 calories, make sure that if you don’t want to lose weight…
Eat extra helpings, eat a dessert, drink a Starbucks drink, or something to make up those extra calories!

Inside circuit: Begin with a cardio machine OR finish with power walk (30 minutes). Circuit strength and core workout (See top menu Diana’s workouts, inside circuit). Alternative: Take a strength class at your gym (Muscle Pump, QiForze, Integrated Strength, etc.)

Beverages: 1 cup black coffee (whenever you need it). Water with lemon/lime rest of day – at least 60 ounces, optional decaf green tea (no sweeteners if possible)
Breakfast: ½ cup Old Fashioned Oats, cooked on stove or in microwave. 1 pack sugar in the…

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