Kindness Like Snow Beautifies Everything it Covers

Day 4: I swapped out last years dinner with this new one I tried from Pinterest. If you want an easy 1-dish dinner, here it is:

Fill yourself with Goodness, and you'll fill your World with Greatness

Hope you have had a great week so far in spite of the cold and snow! Please continue to provide feedback, and let me know how you are doing with your New Years Resolutions. I modified Week One’s Grocery list to include both a “word” version and a “PDF” version for MAC users. Please see the list below if you haven’t been able to download it:
Grocery List
Grocery List
Day 4:
Exercise: Pick any of my cycling workouts (if you don’t like to cycle, use a cardio machine) for 50 minutes to 1 hour, one of my plank workouts (permanently located in top menu “Diana’s Workouts”)
Beverages: 1 cup black coffee (whenever you need it). Water with lemon/lime rest of day – at least 60 ounces, optional decaf green tea (no artificial sweeteners if possible)
Nutrition: Egg burrito on gluten free tortilla – 2 eggs, pico…

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