“We gain the strength of the temptation we resist.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

For today’s supper, swap out the pork for this vegetarian recipe from Pinterest if you would like…

Fill yourself with Goodness, and you'll fill your World with Greatness


How can we keep those resolutions? An article in Forbes reveals 5 key strategies:
1. Resist Temptation
2. Get Curious in Discomfort
3. Focus on Progress
4. Practice in the Now
5. Focus on Learning
For more information see the article:

Day5: Get your crock pot out, place a plain pork loin inside with 1/2 cup BBQ sauce inside and set on low.
Exercise: Strength Day: Repeat Day1 workout or go to a gym and take a strength class
Beverages: 1 cup black coffee (whenever you need it). Water with lemon/lime rest of day – at least 60 ounces, optional decaf green tea (no artificial sweeteners if possible)
Breakfast: ¾ cup plain or vanilla yogurt, add berries (1/4 cup) add granola (1/4 cup)
Snack: carrots and hummus
Lunch: Lunchmeat roll-ups, contents: Deli-turkey 1/4 lb., broccoli slaw (or chop up your own with carrots), avocado, sprouts, condiments as desired. add…

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