“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” Ruth Reichl

Fill yourself with Goodness, and you'll fill your World with Greatness

french girl
I love the European’s approach to eating! They love meat, wine, bread, and cheese. but grow up learning moderation. No super-sizing anything! Europeans also take time to sit down and eat. (No standing, no eating at your desk) Dining is a time for fellowship. Because of these life-long habits, they don’t really need to diet. Eating three healthy meals per day that include wine, bread, cheese, etc. is fine if your lifestyle is active. Interesting article below:


Week Three Day 1:
Exercise: Strength Circuit – if weather permits, do my outside circuit workout (top menu of Diana’s workouts)
Get out your crock pot!
Breakfast: Egg burrito on gluten free tortilla – 2 eggs, pico de gallo (or chop your own tomatoes and onion), spinach, 2 T shredded cheese
Lunch: Tuna salad (1 T lite mayo), carrots, peppers, celery, etc. 10 veggie chips
Supper: 10 corn chips, ½ cup guacamole…

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