Ash Wednesday

ash wednesday

season of lent

Many people give up something during the season of lent (Ash Wednesday through Easter). This practice can feel a little like making New Years Resolutions. But, there is a distinct difference. During lent we are making a sacrifice. Yes, we do want to better ourselves but the motivation behind the change is different. So, what to give up? Caffeine? Sweets? Alcohol? Fast food? I think I have done all of these! But this year I decided to stop being so hard on myself. Sounds like a strange thing to give up, but self-criticism can really eat you up. I know God has Mercy and Grace, yet I often still feel unworthy of what God so freely gives to me.

I like the way James Howell, pastor at Myers Park United Methodist Church expresses:
“If you give up something for Lent, try this: give up your stony belief you have to prove yourself, you have to be good enough, or that you might not have done enough or been good enough – and give up merciless, judgmental thoughts about others. Embrace mercy; trust God’s tender kindness; be merciful this Lent.”

In closing, if you haven’t seen Cindy Crawford’s untouched photos on social media, click the link below:

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

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