“Nothing burns like the cold.” George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones


Have you had enough of winter? Everyone I talk to is so ready for spring. But, according to the calendar, we will not be there until March 19th. And even then, we could still get winter-like weather. My quote is “Nothing burns calories like exercising in the cold!” So, if you have not yet ventured outside to exercise, dress warmly and try any of the following activities which all burn about 500 calories/hour. Wow!

1. Cross-Country skiing
2. Hiking in Snow
3. Sled riding (as long as you are walking up the hill dragging your sled behind)
4. Ice skating (vigorously)
5. Snow shoeing

winter cross-country skiing

winter hiking

winter skating

winter sledding

Even down hill skiing, snowboarding, shoveling snow, and ice hockey burn between 350-400 calories/hour.
winter charlie brown

winter snowboarding

So, bundle up and get outside!

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