Exercising after Abdominal Surgery

post surgery1

For those of us that are very active, it can be quite frustrating to give up exercise after surgery. The good news is that we can exercise after abdominal surgery if we take it slowly and do the right type of exercises!

First and foremost, consult your physician to make sure you do not overdo it after surgery. Whether you have had a C-section, Appendix surgery, Gallbladder, Hernia repair or any other type of abdominal surgery, you need to protect the incision site. Laparoscopic and open surgery have different recovery times and exercise guidelines, so once again check with your doctor before beginning exercise.

post surgery2

Most physicians recommend that you begin walking as soon as you can after surgery. But even while still in bed, make sure to do ankle pumps (sort of like pointing and flexing), mild pelvic lifts, and mild head lifts. You want to prevent blood clots and stiffness from lack of stretching and movement. Exercises to avoid are jumping or any type of plyometrics, running or walking too fast, and lifting usually over 10 lbs for the first 4 weeks.

Feel free to try my video if you find yourself in a post-surgical position. Take it slow and don’t do anything that hurts! Remember that most of your energy is going into healing, so even the simplest of exercises can be challenging. Keep your head up and don’t get discouraged.

post surgery3

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