Gluten Intolerant?

Gluten free

Is the latest dietary trend going “gluten-free?” I am certain you have at least one friend or family member that claims he or she is gluten intolerant. Those who have celiac’s disease must not eat any gluten and are truly gluten intolerant. Please,do not take offense if you have jumped on this gluten avoiding trend! I myself try to avoid wheat and most products that contain wheat or white flour.

So why?

If you open the link to an article contained under “Miscellaneous Health Suggestions” on my blog you will find much interesting information regarding this subject. The two big issues for me are that wheat has a high glycemic index and as the article states, “The lectin of wheat is wheat germ agglutinin. It has four parts. It is indigestible.” The effects for me are that I am tired and bloated. Since avoiding wheat and gluten, my energy level has increased and it is much easier to maintain my weight.

I am not a teetotaller, however, when at a restaurant I will have pasta, bread, or regular pizza instead of ordering the gluten-free options. The reason is because the restaurant’s gluten-free options may be just as bad by containing multiple starches as replacements for wheat or white flour. At home, I can control my wheat substitutes. Remember, we do need carbohydrates for energy! So, try to include brown rice or brown rice pasta, whole oats, quinoa and other grains in moderation. For pizza, I make either a cauliflower crust or a wheat free crust using almond flour, quinoa flour, and very few starches. The fewer ingredients, the better. Compare a “Kind” or “Quest” bar (which are gluten-free) to a regular granola bar.

As always, try to fill your carbohydrate intake with colorful vegetables instead of filling up on grains.
veggie tray

Okay, having said all of the above, you have to watch the spoof on this gluten-free trend by clicking the link below. I thought he was hilarious! Enjoy!

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