Leave’em Breathless!

cycling class
woman cycling
When most group exercise folks think of HIIT, “High Intensity Interval Training,” they think of boot camp style classes. Exercisers move from station to station and repeat exercises at a very high intensity or for a short amount of time. It’s interesting though that this term applied more to cardio vascular exercisers in its infancy. Elite runners and cyclists use HIIT to train for events and races.

Schwinn indoor cycling workshops often use the HIIT principle in their hour cycling classes.
music note
“Leave’em Breathless is a Schwinn designed workout which goes as follows:

Song: Closer, Moderate/Hard Intervals, timing 0 to 2 min easy, 2 to 5:53 min moderate (warm up)
Song: Gonna Make You Sweat, Easy/Anaerobic, timing 45 second breathless intervals with needed recovery, repeat 3 times
Song: Come Together, 50 seconds breathless with 1 min. easy recovery, repeat 5 times
Song: Paradise City to finish the above drill
Song: Do what You Want with My Body, Easy 30 seconds, Moderate 20 seconds, Breathless, 10 seconds, repeat 3 times and then encourage partner, or repeat 6 times individually (no rest)
Song: This Ain’t a Scene- It’s an Arms Race to finish the above
Song: Rods & Cones, Hard/Anaerobic 2 min, then 1:30, then 1:00, then 30 sec, with 15 second recovery between each interval (Very High Intensity)
Song: Let’s Go Crazy, Easy 1 min, Moderate 1 min, Hard 1 min, Breathless, 1 min (add 10 rpms each interval)
Song: Holding Out for a Hero, Hard 30 seconds, Partner goes hard 30 seconds, then breathless 2.5 minutes, then easy until end
Song: I just called to say I love you (easy cool down)

Try It!

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