Variable Load Resistance


planes of motion

I am still so excited and enthusiastic about all of the great ideas from the DCAC fitness conference! Variable load resistance equipment and exercises worked my muscles and core like nothing I have experienced before!

Active Motion Bar:

Basically, these are hollow pieces of resistance equipment that have been partially filled with something such as water in the case of the Kamagon ball. When you move the piece of equipment in each of your planes, frontal, sagittal, and transverse, the load shifts causing your muscles to engage like they never have before!

Think of using this active motion bar in a “paddling” motion while performing an alternating lunge. The website science explains the bar in more detail.


Think of using this Kamagonball in a “halo” motion around your head, or in a “windmill” motion to each side.

ballast ball
The ballast ball is great because when on the floor it doesn’t wander away when not in use. But, when using the ball, again the load shifts as you are performing your standard exercises. I especially appreciate this ball over a regular exercise ball when doing upper body work.

I cannot wait to incorporate these into my personal training. Let me know if you would like to use my services. It is never too late!

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