Help! I Crave Unhealthy Food!

balance scale

grocery store

packed lunch

I think we all do! Whether we have a sweet tooth or love greasy fries and chips, we all crave food that is bad for us at least at times. So, we need to take steps to train our brains to crave healthy foods most of the time. How do we do this?

Picture the balance scale with a heavy ball at one end. The heavy ball is your issue, whatever that is. In this case, I will call it “an unhealthy diet.” Choose one “healthy habit” per week which is a smaller ball. By adding one healthy habit to the other end of the scale each week, you will eventually shift the weight to the healthy side without even suffering!

Think of all of the healthy habits you can choose from:
cancer  foods
1. Try one new vegetable
2. Pack your lunch 1 or more days
3. Eat out one less meal
4. Journal your food each day
5. Plan your menus for the week
6. Drink one less store-bought coffee and make your own
7. Buy organic
8. Eat one vegetarian meal
9. Cut out soft drinks
10. Eat off of a smaller plate
11. Make your own smoothie
12. Drink lemon water before anything else each morning
13. Eat breakfast every day
14. Do not eat after 7:00 PM
15. Drink 1 less alcoholic drink
16. Remove your “vice” from the pantry
17. Drink filtered water (buy a Britta to keep at work)
18. Cut up veggies or prepare healthy snacks before you are hungry to have at your fingertips
19. Cook one or more healthy meals on the weekend to have one week night
20. Buy organic frozen vegetables for when you don’t have time to buy fresh


These are just 20 ideas. I am sure you can think of many more! Remember, just choose one each week so that you do not feel like you are “dieting.” The key to making this work is to not feel deprived. More to come…

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