Mobile Phone use may be harming you





I just read another article from Mind-Body-Green about mobile phone use and cancer

Highlights from the article are ways to reduce cellphone radiation:

1. Use a headset or a speaker.

Choose either wired or wireless. If you go wireless, make sure to take your headset out of your ear when you’re not on a call. Use your phone in speaker mode.

2. When in use, hold phone away from your body.

Why? The amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body decreases dramatically with even a small distance. Don’t put the phone in your pocket or clip it to your belt, even when using your headset.

3. Text more, talk less.

Phones emit less radiation when sending text rather than voice communications.

4. Call when the signal is strong.

Fewer signal bars mean the phone must try harder to broadcast its signal. Research shows that radiation exposure increases dramatically when cell phone signals are weak.

5. Don’t store your phone in your pocket (or under your pillow).

When a phone is on and not in use, it still sends out an intermittent signal to connect with nearby cell phone towers, which means radiation exposure is still happening.

The link to the article is

In addition, I am adding the following tips:
1. unplug – let people know how to reach you in an emergency (house phone#, or if you do not have one, let people know that you will check your mobile at x time)

2. Charge your devices well away from you overnight; opposite side of room or in another room

3. Apple Watch: wear it only to check sleep and other averages, but don’t wear it 24/7

4. Think of other wireless devices as well – limit your wireless internet time, just as you limited your kids TV time.

5. Music – go to airplane mode while working out

Finally, visit, type “mobile phone radiation” and 1430 studies are listed. 149 with “Mobile phone radiation and brain cancer”

Quotes like this one are really a wake-up call: “This study confirmed previous results of an association between mobile and cordless phone use and malignant brain tumours. These findings provide support for the hypothesis that RF-EMFs play a role both in the initiation and promotion stages of carcinogenesis.”

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