My Annual Post on what to eat and what not to eat at parties!

holiday party

Holiday party1
Do not forget to eat all day while you are shopping, or you will tend to binge at the holiday parties. So, this post is all about how to avoid over-indulging during the holiday season.
How to avoid eating crap at parties and any place where you do not do the cooking.
Before the party…
1. Drink 70-90 ounces of water and exercise
2. Eat a good breakfast with protein & carbs
3. Eat a good lunch with protein & carbs
4. Eat good snacks with protein & carbs
5. Eat a light supper with protein & carbs

Notice there are 5 steps before even going to the party. If you do all of these, you will naturally not over-indulge and therefore don’t need to follow any instructions from here on out 🙂 Have fun!

If you did not do the above, meaning you barely ate all day and will be starving …read on…

These appetizers are laden with fat or sugar or both:

1. Chicken Wings
chicken wings
2. Fried mozzarella
mozzerella sticks
3. Swedish meatballs
4. Pigs in a blanket
5. Stuffed potato skins
6. Stuffed anything
stuffed mushrooms
7. Creamy dips
8. Fatty cheese rings
9. Cheese/cheese sausage balls
cheese ball
10. Cheese fondues
11. Pretzel/nut chex mix type dishes
12. Bacon wrapped anything
bacon wrapped
13. Nachos
14. Breads, pastries
15. Cookies, cakes
cheese cake

1. Non-breaded grilled chicken fingers
chicken skewers<a
2. Veggie tray (lite on the dip)
veggie tray
3. Shrimp and cocktail sauce
shrimp coctail
4. Raw Oysters
5. Lettuce or grape leaf wraps
6. plain or smoked salmon
7. humus dips
8-9. Plain hard cheese
href=””&gt;cheese and crackers<a
10. Sushi
11. Plain almonds
12. Bruchetta
13. Healthy salsas with blue chips
14. Whole grain crackers or veggie chips (gluten-free if possible)
15. Chocolate fondue fountain with fresh fruit, or dark chocolate covered strawberries

Beverages: Substitute red wine or champagne for beer and mixed drinks. Drink a full 8 oz. glass of water in between each drink
red wine

Scroll back through all of the pictures. Which were the most appealing? Most likely if you are famished the “Do not eat” pictures looked the most appetizing. But, if you are hungry, but not overly so, the good foods look more appetizing. The bottom-line is…do the best you can with what is served.

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