Hi! I’m a wellness Instructor, having been in the business for 30 years. I strive to follow the principle of Spirit-Mind-Body balance. After much encouragement from friends & faithful participants in my fitness classes, I started Glass Half Full Blog. I hope to encourage my readers to follow my motto…”Fill yourself with Goodness, and you’ll fill your World with Greatness”

The reason I’m starting a blog is because I often get asked by group exercise participants to journal my daily exercise and nutrition intake. Is there a trick to having lots of energy, rarely getting sick, maintaining flat abs, etc? The answer is definitely partly due to genetics. However, most of my family members are overweight even though they are active. So, there must be something to what I am putting my body through each day and most importantly, what I’m putting into my body.

First of all, I don’t diet! I went for years without even owning a scale, until my teenage girls bought one for the house. There are 3 main components to my daily regime: lots of water, lots of vegetables, and lots of exercise.

I’ve definitely gotten into ruts over the years, but the key is striving to get back into a healthy routine which means filling your day with nutrition and activities that promote overall wellness.

Please browse through the site, checking out the menu options and links. I would love to hear from you with helpful suggestions and links to add to the site.

If you are interested in personal training and coaching either face-to-face or from a distance, please fill out my contact form.

Have a super day!

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